Two Telecoms for Sale in Colombia

Empresa Telecomunicaciones BogotaColombia’s telecommunications could offer substantial returns for investors willing to take on emerging market risks. The outlook is promising for the Colombian economy, which is forecast to grow by an average of 4.5% annually during the 2010-2020 decade.

EmcaliTwo state-owned companies are up for sale. They are ETB, with about 26% of the country’s fixed lines in services, and the other is Emcali, with about 7%. During 2011, radical transformations are expected both in terms of market consolidation and in the provision of new services, with fixed-line operators ETB and Emcali seeking strategic partners and/or investors.

For further details on the very dynamic Colombian Telecom Market, see this report: Colombian Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Markets Forecasts.

Mobile Phones in Colombia Up 3.7%

Colombia flag

Colombia flag

Mobile-telephone subscribers in Colombia rose to 42.34 million at the end of September, up 3.7% from 40.82 million at the end of June, 2009. The biggest slice of the market belongs to Comcel, the Colombian unit of Mexico-based America Movil SAB (AMX) with 29.53 million subscribers, up from 27.93 million at the end of June/09. Comcel now controls 69.7% of the Colombian market, up from 68.4% three months earlier.

The second operator by number of subscribers is Telefonica’s local unit, which represents 8.81 million subscribers at the end of September, down from 9.03 million subscribers at the end of June. The market share of Telefonica in Colombia is now 20.8%, down from 22.1% at the end of June.

Colombia Movil SA, the local unit of Millicom International Cellular SA (MICC), had 4 million subscribers, up from 3.86 million at the end of June. The country’s third-largest operator maintained its 9.5% share of the Colombian market.

There are about 45,644,023 people living in Colombia and the total number of mobile subscribers in Colombia at the end of September 2009 was 13% higher than at the end of September 2008. The number of Internet users in Colombia for June, 2009 was estimated at 19,792,718. Read more.