2014 Key Developments in Africa and Middle East

With introduction of 3G and 4G mobile technology, broadband Internet access in Africa has become a reality. Voice calls are at low prices, however broadband services have remained expensive due to lack of international and local fibre optic infrastructure. This is now changing, and digital economies similar to the ones found in the Middle East no doubt will develop in Africa. Read the report summary.

Egypt Mobile Market Report

Egypt launched third generation (3G) mobile services in 2007, following the award of the country’s third mobile licence the previous year. The record price that was paid for the licence indicated the potential that is seen in the Egyptian mobile market, and the penetration rate has indeed multiplied since and broke the 100% barrier in 2011. Currently the strongest growth is in mobile broadband services, which offers the network operators new revenue streams. A fourth mobile license may be tendered in 2013.

This report is an overview of the Egyptian Mobile Market, with statistics and forecasts about the major developments in the market and profiles of the companies involved, including 3G mobile broadband growth and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) trends for the major mobile operators. It also contains an in-depth analysis of the third mobile license valuation and market forecasts to 2013 and 2016.